Watch Batteries

Explore our comprehensive watch battery size guide, which provides detailed information on battery sizes for various watch models. Additionally, you can discover step-by-step guides, invaluable tips, and a wealth of resources to help you confidently change watch batteries in different quartz watch models.

Watch Battery Sizes

Whether you’re a seasoned watch enthusiast or a novice horologist, understanding watch battery sizes is crucial for keeping your quartz watches ticking accurately.

Watch Batteries FAQ

Watches use different types of batteries depending on their size, power, and function. The most common types of watch batteries are silver oxide, lithium, and alkaline. Silver oxide batteries are the most widely used, as they have a high capacity and a stable voltage. Lithium batteries are more powerful and durable, but also more expensive. Alkaline batteries are cheaper and easier to find, but they have a lower capacity and a shorter lifespan.

The size of your watch battery is usually indicated by a code that consists of letters and numbers. For example, a 377 battery is a silver oxide battery with a diameter of 6.8 mm and a height of 2.6 mm. You can find the code on the battery itself or on the back of your watch case. You can also use a digital caliper or a ruler to measure the dimensions of your battery.

To choose a wrist watch battery, you need to consider the following factors: Compatibility: You need to make sure that the battery you choose is compatible with your watch model and movement. Quality: You need to choose a high-quality battery that has a long shelf life and a reliable performance. Price: You need to balance the price and the value of the battery. Availability: You need to choose a battery that is easy to find and replace.