Watchmaking Resources

The more I progress through my watchmaking journey, the more I find useful resources which have helped massively. I wanted to share these with other watchmakers to help make your journey easier. If you are a complete beginner to watchmaking, these resources will be your lifeline as you navigate this new world.

Throughout my watchmaking journey, the thing that frustrated me the most was how difficult it was to find information online. I longed for a one-stop destination where I could easily access all the essential watchmaking resources I needed. The whole purpose behind WatchmakingTools was to create this platform where incredible watchmaking resources could be collected in one place. Consider this your ultimate toolbox for your watchmaking journey.

If you are an experienced watchmaker, you will also find our resources useful as you encounter a new issue or revisit a previous task. One thing I learnt quite quickly was that my memory is definitely not as good as I think it is. I easily forget how watch components were assembled or how I handled an issue I’ve worked on before. If you can relate, you will find this resource guide incredibly valuable.

I now take photos of each step of a movement as I disassemble and reassemble. These have proved invaluable especially when stopping work on a movement for a few days/weeks. I will be sharing these for each movement I have worked on, so hopefully these will be as helpful to you too.

Watchmaking Tools

This resource section about watchmaking tools provides an overview of the essential tools and equipment required for watchmaking, including hand tools, measuring instruments and specialised machinery. This guide covers the functions, features and specifications of each tool, along with their uses in different stages of watch assembly, disassembly, and maintenance. It also offers insights into the selection, care, and maintenance of watchmaking tools.

Watchmaking Tools

Custom Watchmaking Tools

Homemade Mainspring Oiling Tweezers

A guide to the world of watchmaking tools that don’t break the bank. Find out how to repurpose household items to use for your watchmaking and inspire your creativity to make your own custom watchmaking tools.

Watchmaking Tool Reviews

Weighing up which tool to purchase or whether to splurge or save? Here at WatchmakingTools, we have tried the best watchmaking tools on the market, we have tested the cheapest additions to the toolkit and we have reviewed them all to give you a head start on your watchmaking toolkit.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

Watch Movement Lift Angles

Watch Movement

Our comprehensive list of movement lift angles and beats per minute (BPM) for thousands of movements. This resource provides information on the critical component of mechanical watch movements. Lift angles determine the amount of force required to move a watch’s pallet fork, which in turn regulates the watch’s accuracy. This guide offers insights into the factors that affect lift angles, the different types of lift angles, and their optimal values for various watch movements.

Watch Movement Hand Sizes

Our comprehensive list of watch movements and the corresponding hand hole sizes. This resource guide about watch movement hand sizes explores the factors that influence the selection of hands for mechanical watch movements. This guide provides information on the different types of hands, their measurements and how to choose the right size for specific movements. It also discusses the importance of proper hand fitting, and the tools and techniques required for successful installation.

Watch Movement

Watch Movements by Brand

Our comprehensive list of movements by brand including movement size, height, hands, sub dials, pusher locations and special features.

Each brand of watch is assembled differently and has unique elements so it may be beneficial to look exclusively at watchmaking for that brand. If you are working on a particular brand, you may find it more convenient to access the watchmaking resources for that particular brand.

Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of watch movements by brand including the movement size, height, hands, battery and other useful information you may need during your watchmaking. This has been sourced via multiple trusted sources that will be continually updated and expanded over time.

Seiko Oiling Points

A resource section about Seiko oiling points offering a comprehensive guide to the specific oiling requirements for Seiko watches. This guide covers the recommended oiling points, the types of oil to use and the techniques for applying oil to different parts of the movement. It also offers tips and tricks for proper oiling and the importance of correct oiling in maintaining the longevity and accuracy of Seiko watches.

How to Identify Movements Inside Watches

Watch Movement

This resource guide provides in-depth research about how to identify movements inside watches and provides an introduction to the various methods used to identify and differentiate watch movements. This guide covers the importance of movement identification, the key features that distinguish different movements, and the tools and techniques used to identify them. It also offers tips and tricks for identifying movements in vintage and antique watches.

Quartz Watch Battery Sizes

Our comprehensive quartz watch battery sizes chart including alternate branded model numbers. Your go-to resource for hassle-free watch battery selection.

Watch Batteries

We hope you find our resources incredibly beneficial to your watchmaking experience. Here at WatchmakingTools, our ultimate goal is to give you a helping hand on your watchmaking journey.

The aim with our watchmaking resources is to help you to find all the information you need for watchmaking in one convenient location. This allows you to find what you need quickly and easily, allowing you to get on with watchmaking and avoid wasting countless hours scouring the internet for your answer like I did at the start of my own journey. If there are any further resources that you have found useful that I have not listed then please let me know and I can add them too.