Watch Oiling

Your introduction to the essential oils, greases, and oiling tools used in watchmaking, shining a light on their importance and application. Fundamental lubrication principles, the common types of oils and greases, and how they are employed in various watch movement components.

Seiko Watch Oiling Points

Lubrication plays an extremely important role in maintaining watch precision and smoothness, in preventing parts wear, and in supporting the watches waterproof function. See our Seiko Watch Oiling Points guides.

Watchmaking Oils FAQ

Watchmakers use special oils and greases that are designed for lubricating mechanical watches. These oils and greases have different properties and viscosities that suit different parts and functions of a watch. Some examples of watchmaking oils are Moebius, Kluber, and Epilame.

Yes, you need to oil a watch regularly to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Oiling a watch reduces friction, wear, and tear on the moving parts of a watch. It also prevents rust, corrosion, and dust from damaging the watch. Oiling a watch should be done by a professional watchmaker who has the right tools and skills.