The 43+ Essential Watchmakers Tools

There is no denying that watchmaking is not a cheap hobby. As you progress on your watchmaking journey, you will find more and more tools that you need to add to your watchmaking toolkit. Each task seems to require a new and unique tool to complete. However, to get you started on your journey, there is a list of essential watchmaking tools that will make your experience fool proof.

Your watchmaking toolbox is definitely an investment so it is likely to be a kit that you will develop and grow over time. Whilst all of these tools are essential at some point in the process, you will not need them all immediately. Therefore, you can afford to go slow and steady when building your watchmaking toolbox.

Some tools are incredibly cheap whilst others are more of an investment but each tool listed below is crucial to your watchmaking journey. The vast range of watchmaking tools can be tricky to navigate and that’s where we’re here to help. Each article outlines each tool in depth including WatchmakingTools tips and advice for using each tool. We’ll also guide you on which tools it is important to get a quality product and splash the cash as well as tools you can afford to go cheap on.

With such an array of watchmaking tools available, the following list is by no means exhaustive and will no doubt grow over time. The list is roughly ordered in the sequence a watchmaker will need each tool to disassemble, fix, clean, oil and reassemble the watch movement. However, each watch is unique so you may find you need to bounce up and down the list.

Essential Watchmakers Tools

Watch Case Back Removal Tools

Some would argue that screwdrivers or tweezers are the number one tool of a watchmaker. However, neither is of much use if you are not able to remove the watch case back first. I’ve personally encountered this myself, far too many times!

Finger Cots and Watchmakers Gloves

One of the most crucial additions to your toolkit. Both are designed to minimise the risk of damage to the watch parts and ensure a clean and sterile working environment.

Watchmakers Loupes and Optics

Used to magnify small and intricate watch components, allowing watchmakers to inspect and work on them with greater precision and accuracy.

Watchmakers Screwdrivers

The tools you will likely need most often in an array of sizes to work effectively with different watches.

Watchmakers Tweezers

The second most used tool in your kit, tweezers are a necessary element of your toolbox.

Watch Parts Containers

Used to store and organise various watch components making it easier for watchmakers to locate and access the necessary parts during assembly or repair.

Movement Holders

Securely hold the watch movement in place while working on it, preventing damage to delicate components and ensuring precise adjustments.

Watchmakers Dust Covers

Protective shields that are placed over the watch movement during repair or assembly to prevent dust, debris, or other contaminants from entering and potentially damaging the delicate inner workings of the watch.

Watch Dial Protectors

Placed over the watch dial to prevent scratches or damage while the watchmaker is working on the movement or hands.

Watch Hand Removal Tools

Used by watchmakers to safely and efficiently remove the dial from the watch movement, allowing for easier access and repair of the components beneath.

Watchmakers Bench Mats

A specialised work surface that provides a non-slip and scratch-resistant workspace for watchmakers

Movement Case Cushions

Padded supports that hold the watch movement securely in place during repair or assembly, preventing damage to the delicate components and facilitating precise adjustments.

Cannon Pinion Removers

A cannon pinion remover is a specialised watchmaking tool used to remove and install the cannon pinion, a small gear that attaches the hour and minute hands to the watch movement, making it easier to replace damaged or worn components.

Watchmakers Pegwood

A specialised tool used for cleaning, lubricating, and manipulating tiny watch components and parts that are difficult to reach or handle with other instruments.

Watchmakers Pith Wood

Used in watchmaking for cleaning and oiling delicate watch parts.

Watchmakers Dust Blowers

Helps to keep the workspace clean and prevents potential damage to the delicate parts.

Watchmakers Putty

Used to hold small and delicate watch parts in place during repair or assembly.

Watchmakers Magnets

Used to magnetise or de-magnetise certain watch components.

Watchmakers Oils and Greases

Specially formulated lubricants used to reduce friction and wear on watch components.

Tool Sharpening

Used to hone and refine the cutting edge of watchmaking tools.

Watch Cleaning Solutions

Specialised fluids used to clean and remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from watch components during the repair or servicing process.

Plastic Liquid Dropper Bottles

Used for storing and dispensing liquids such as cleaning solutions, oils, and greases during watchmaking tasks.


Brushes are versatile tools used for cleaning and applying oils or solutions to watch components, as well as removing dust or debris from delicate parts.

Watch Papers / Bristol Paper

Used to protect watch components during repair or assembly, preventing scratches or damage.

Staking Block

For pressing and shaping small watch parts.

Pin Vice

For holding and manipulating small watch components.

Watch Case Holder

Used to secure and hold the watch case while working on the movement or hands, preventing damage to the case or crystal.

Staking Set

Used for pressing and shaping small watch parts.

Watchmakers Hammer

A specialised tool used for tapping, adjusting, or striking watch components, such as balance wheels or pins.

Spring Bar Tool

Used to remove spring bars from watch straps, allowing for easy replacement or adjustment.


Used for measuring and marking precise positions or angles on watch components.


Used to demagnetize watch components that have been affected by magnetic fields, ensuring the accuracy of the watch movement.

Mainspring Winder

For winding or unwinding the mainspring in a watch movement, facilitating repair or maintenance.

Oiling Kit

A collection of specialised tools used for applying oil or lubricant to watch components, including oil cups, oil pins, and oilers.

Mainspring Oiling Tweezers

Specialised tweezers used for holding and applying oil to the mainspring in a watch movement.

Movement Hand Pusher

Used for setting and positioning the watch hands during repair or assembly.

Polishing Cloths

Soft, lint-free fabrics that have a polishing effect and are designed specifically for watchmaking or polishing fine metals.

Desk Lamp

A source of illumination used to provide additional lighting for watchmaking tasks.

Clamp On Desk Vice

Used for securing and holding watch components or tools in place during repair or assembly.


For measuring and analysing the accuracy and performance of a watch movement.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

For cleaning and polishing watches.

Tool Box

For storing and organising watchmaking tools and equipment.

Watch Winder

A useful tool to keep your automatic watches running when not being worn.

If you’re ready to progress your knowledge on more advanced watchmaking tools then check out our Advanced Watchmakers Tools page to continue your learning.

We hope this covers all bases of your watchmaking journey. If you think we’ve missed anything or have anything to add, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.