Advanced Watchmakers Tools

As you move from beginner to more advanced levels of watchmaking, it is important you have a kit of essential watchmakers tools tools up your sleeve. Through trial and error, you will develop a collection of the ultimate tools but to speed up your process and help you avoid costly mistakes, the following guides are the watchmaking tools that are must-have additions to your kit.

Watch Parts Containers

Whilst not considered essential by some, once you use watch parts containers, you will never look back. You can use any type of container for storing your watch parts but through trial and error, here at WatchmakingTools, we know exactly what makes a good watch parts container.

Watchmakers Dust Covers

As your journey of watchmaking progresses, you will quickly learn how important it is to avoid contamination. Many watches take more than one sitting to work so protection between sessions is crucial.

Watchmaking Bench Mats

A non-essential item to your watchmaking but a worthy and beneficial investment. This guide offers great help and advice on selecting a bench mat.

Movement Case Cushions

This incredibly useful tool will enhance your watchmaking as your journey progresses.

Watchmakers Pegwood

Whilst you can compromise and use alternatives, there is no comparison to pegwood in watchmaking. Useful for a variety of watchmaking processes, pegwood makes a difference.

Watchmakers Pith Wood

Why you should add pith wood to your watchmakers toolkit for cleaning and holding.

Watchmakers Putty

The most versatile tool you can add to your kit and the many ways to use it.

Watch Dial Protectors

The dial is a key part to protect and any good watchmaker will make dial protectors an important element of their toolkit.

Watchmaking Tool Reviews

Weighing up which tool to purchase or whether to splurge or save? Here at WatchmakingTools, we have tried the best watchmaking tools on the market, we have tested the cheapest additions to the toolkit and we have reviewed them all to give you a head start on your watchmaking toolkit.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier Review

Custom Watchmaking Tools

Throughout your watchmaking journey, there are many tools to purchase that are a toolbox essential, however, there are also many ways to cut costs and save money by making your own custom watchmaking tools. Many of these custom watchmaking tools are repurposed household items that do the job just as efficiently as a dedicated watchmaking tool.

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