Discover the Must-Have High-Quality Watch Repair Tools for Perfect Timepiece Creation

When you begin your watchmaking journey, it is best to start off small rather than diving in deep and ending up with extensive watch tool kits for items you never need or use. As your passion and skill progress, tools will naturally be added to your kit, keeping it to essential and useful items only. Whilst every watchmaking journey is different, as a novice, there are a handful of must-have watchmaking tools that you need to begin with.

Watch Repair Tools

A well-equipped watchmaking tools box is essential to every watchmaker’s success. Over the years, your watch repair kit will gradually expand as you make additions to your collection. However, when you are first starting out in watchmaking, it can be tricky to know where to begin and exactly which items will be beneficial to your watchmaking journey.

As your watchmaking journey progresses, you will undoubtedly encounter numerous hurdles and challenges that require further watch tools to tackle. To help you decide which tools are worth investing in and how to use them, this essential guide to watchmaker tools is your ultimate resource with tips, tricks, and reviews of the best watchmaking tools on the market as well as how to repurpose household items for a budget-friendly addition to your kit.

Also check out our guide to the advanced watchmakers tools for the additional watch tools you will need as you progress through your journey including spring bar tools, case openers, watch link removal, and watch press. 

Watchmaker Screwdrivers

What is a toolkit without a set of screwdrivers watchmaking is no exception. As your most used tool, a selection of watchmaking screwdrivers is essential to watchmaking and this guide provides you with all the tips, tricks, and details you need for using and purchasing watchmaking screwdrivers.

Watchmaking Tweezers

Alongside screwdrivers, watchmaking tweezers will be one of your most used tools. Check out this guide for all the important information on this toolkit essential.

Watch Hand Removal Tools

Removing watch hands carefully is an essential part of watchmaking, both for protection of the dial and to access the dial side of the movement.

Watch Case Back Removal Tools

When working on a watch, you will need a case back removal tool and there is a tool to suit every watch type, budget, and skill level. This guide outlines the best case back removal tools available as well as how to use them and where to purchase tools to fit every budget.

Essential Finger Cots and Watchmaker Gloves

Watchmaking is a delicate process and elements such as watch movement can be thrown out of balance by contamination. There are many options available to provide a barrier between your skin and the watch parts that can be found within the essential guide to finger cots and watchmaking gloves.

Watchmaking Loupe and Magnification

Even with perfect vision, the intricate and delicate parts of a watch can be incredibly small and difficult to see. Your ultimate guide to watchmaker loupes can be found here.

Cannon Pinion Remover

Trying to decide whether to use a tweezer or presto tool as your cannon pinion remover? This guide will help you out.

Watchmakers Dust Blower

For a cheap investment, you can avoid the watchmaking cardinal sin of blowing on a watch movement by effectively removing dust particles, lint, and dirt by using a dust blower.


A magnet on hand at all times is essential for any watchmaker. Find out why a watchmaker’s magnet is a toolbox essential.

Watchmaking Oils and Greases

Each watchmaker prefers different oils and greases with trial and error a crucial part of the watchmaking process. Here at WatchmakingTools, we have tried and tested a variety of recommendations that you may find beneficial.

Movement Holders

Watch parts are very delicate and fragile, therefore it is essential to have movement holders to protect watch parts from damage or contamination. Your guide to movement holders can be found here.

Watchmaker Tool Reviews

Weighing up which tool to purchase or whether to splurge or save? Here at WatchmakingTools, we have tried the best watchmaking tools on the market, we have tested the cheapest additions to the toolkit and we have reviewed them all to give you a head start on your watchmaking toolkit.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier Review

Custom Watch Repair Tools

Throughout your watchmaking journey, there are many tools to purchase that are toolbox essential, however, there are also many ways to cut costs and save money by making your own custom watchmaking tools. Many of these custom watchmaking tools are repurposed household items that do the job just as efficiently as a dedicated watchmaking tool.

How to make mainspring oiling tweezers

Watch Repair Tool Kit FAQ

The essential watchmaking tools for beginners are screwdrivers, tweezers, dial protectors, case back removal tools, finger cots or gloves, vision enhancers, cannon pinion removers, dust blowers, and magnets. These tools will help you to open, repair, and clean watches safely and efficiently.

You can buy high-quality watchmaking tools from reputable online stores that specialize in watchmaking supplies. These stores offer a wide range of tools from different brands and prices.

Watchmaking screwdrivers are used to loosen and tighten the screws on the watch movement and case. To use them, you need to select the right size and shape of the screwdriver tip that matches the screw head. Then, you need to hold the screwdriver in a vertical position and apply gentle pressure to turn the screw clockwise or counterclockwise.

The best watchmaking tweezers are made of stainless steel or brass and have fine tips that can grip small parts without damaging them. Some of the most popular brands of watchmaking tweezers are Dumont, Rubis, Horotec, and Bergeon. You can choose the type and size of tweezers that suit your preference and skill level.