Chaika Watch Movements

Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of Chaika watch movements including the movement size, height, hand sizes, battery codes and other useful information you may need during your watchmaking. This has been sourced via multiple trusted sources that will be continually updated and expanded over time.

Chaika 1301

Size: 13.00 x 15.15mm (5½ x 6¾ Ligne)

Height: 3.60mm

Hands: Hour & Minute

We’ve compiled this list from various sources and will attempt to keep it updated and correct, but if you think we’ve missed anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Chaika Watch Movements FAQ

Chaika watch movements are a type of mechanical watch movements that were produced by the Chaika factory, a Russian manufacturer of watch parts and movements. The factory was founded in 1930 and is still operating today. Chaika watch movements are also known as Uglich movements, after the city where the factory is located.

Chaika watch movements are known for their quality, accuracy, and durability. They were mainly used in women’s watches, as they were designed to be small and elegant. They were also used in some men’s watches, such as chronographs, alarm watches, and calendar watches. Chaika watch movements are mostly mechanical movements, with some exceptions of quartz or digital movements.

According to the current web page context, there are at least 28 models of Chaika watch movements, ranging from Chaika 1 to Chaika 1601. The current web page context provides a comprehensive list of these models, along with their size, height, hand sizes, battery codes, and other useful information. The list is sourced from multiple trusted sources and is updated and expanded over time.

One way to identify a Chaika watch movement is to look at the back of the case or the movement itself. You may find some markings or numbers that indicate the model or the caliber of the movement. For example, Chaika 1601 is a common model of a Chaika watch movement that has a chronograph feature.