Review of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

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Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

As a short-sighted watchmaker, finding the right optics for my work was a challenge. Struggling to strike the perfect balance between visual clarity and convenience, I experimented with clip-on loupes and traditional magnifiers on holders. Frustrated by their limitations and drawbacks, my search for an ideal solution took me on a journey that finally led me to discover the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier.

This innovative tool has transformed my watchmaking process and I believe it is a must-have for watchmakers who wear glasses and want to work hands free. Its features and technicalities are impressive alone but when combined, they make one seriously impressive watchmaking tool.

Watchmaking Clip On Loupe

My Experience with Magnifiers

Watchmakers Loupe

As a glasses wearer, there are certain aspects of watchmaking that have always been a little tricky. There are many tools that are simply not compatible with glasses whilst I’ve found many of the ones that are, do not perform particularly well. It has been a journey and not a particularly easy one but I finally found the solution.

Initially, I opted for a clip-on loupe but this proved frustrating. Due to the weight being top-loaded, it constantly caused my glasses to slip down my nose while I worked and this disrupted my focus and workflow. Additionally, the protrusion of the clip-on loupe sometimes obstructed close work with watch movements. I simply couldn’t work with the clip-on loupe and had to look for an alternative option pretty much straight away.

I then switched to using a traditional loupe on a holder, alternating it with my glasses as needed. While this setup was functional, it wasn’t particularly convenient and added further time demands to my watchmaking.

My first loupe also often steamed up due to lack of ventilation causing further inconvenience. To address this issue, I purchased a loupe with pre-cut holes but it still wasn’t the perfect solution. It helped with the ventilation but it was still pretty annoying having to switch between the loupe and my glasses constantly.

After so much frustration, my quest for an optimal solution then led me to discover the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier which proved to be a game-changer.

Initial Thoughts of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

Upon receiving the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier, my initial thoughts were a mix of curiosity and skepticism. Its seemingly simple design and compact lens raised questions about its performance and comfort. However, as I examined the small yet sturdy construction, I was impressed by the attention to detail. Features like the handle for fingerprint-free adjustments and the protective pads to prevent scratches on my glasses I knew would be incredibly beneficial.

Once I attached it to my glasses, I was pleasantly surprised by the secure fit and the minimal protrusion of the lens. The sharp and clear image quality immediately impressed me and I knew it would dramatically enhance my ability to focus on intricate watch components.

Overall, my initial thoughts of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier were positive and I was eager to put it to the test during my watchmaking endeavors.

Technical Features of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

The Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier stands out for its thoughtful technical aspects.  Its design makes it a highly functional and reliable tool for watchmakers.

Firstly, the magnifier offers a range of five magnifications (2.5x, 3.3x, 4x, 6.7x and 10x). This allows you to select the optimal level of magnification based on your specific needs and preferences.

The 20mm diameter glass lens is the heart of the magnifier and delivers a sharp and clear image quality without any blurring around the edges. Its compact size provides a wide field of vision while also ensuring that the rest of the glasses lens can be used for normal viewing, reducing the need for constant lens adjustments.

The design incorporates a thin wire frame that securely holds the lens while a clear elastic band ensures its stable positioning during work. A small handle on the wire frame allows for effortless height adjustments, preventing fingerprints on the lens and providing seamless control during delicate tasks.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

The holder, which attaches to the glasses, boasts a robust and industrial design, evenly distributing most of the 10g weight for maximum stability. The adjusting thumb screw with protective pads ensures a secure and scratch-free fit on glasses.

The inclusion of a spring mechanism, easily released with a gentle touch, allows for smooth lens movement without compromising stability. This results in an efficient and user-friendly magnifier, enhancing precision and comfort for watchmakers.

Whilst all these elements are great features individually, together they make a powerhouse of a watchmaking tool.

Fitting and Wearing the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

Although I initially thought the simplicity of the magnifier would mean it was flimsy, the end of the spectacle magnifier which attaches to the glasses is robust to provide stability. This design allows for quick and easy attachment to most glasses, as long as the thickness of the glasses frame and/or lens is 5.5mm or less.

Attaching the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier to my glasses was a breeze, even with my thick frames. The lens protrudes only 10mm from the glasses and the adjusting screw adds another 5mm (adjustment may vary depending on the glasses’ lens thickness). This positioning ensures that neither the screw nor the lens interferes with my work.

The key advantage of the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier lies in its weight distribution. With the weight concentrated in the holder on top of the glasses, my glasses are less prone to sliding down my nose. Though there may still be a slight shift, this could be attributed to the fit of my glasses rather than the magnifier.

The 20mm diameter of the lens is great as it allows me to maintain normal vision through the rest of my right eye’s glasses lens. This reduces the need to constantly lift and drop the magnifier. With a gentle touch, the spring mechanism effortlessly adjusts the lens with a reassuring sound. The magnifier’s design also ensures ample ventilation around my glasses, eliminating any issue of lens fogging that I previously encountered.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

Magnification of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

The magnification aspect of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier proved to be a game-changer for my watchmaking experience. With five available magnifications ranging from 2.5x to 10x, the flexibility to choose the ideal level of magnification is extremely helpful. You can also choose between left or right eye orientation. I opted for the 4x magnification with a right-eye orientation and it exceeded my expectations.

The 4x magnification provided just the right amount of visual enhancement allowing me to work with remarkable precision on intricate watch components. The lens, with its 20mm diameter, presented a sharp and clear image, without any blurring around the edges.

However, every watchmaker prefers different levels of magnification so it is great that there are alternatives available. The range of magnification options ensures it caters to the specific needs of watchmakers, making it a valuable tool in achieving superior accuracy and craftsmanship.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

Image Quality of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier

The image quality of the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier is truly impressive, leaving no room for disappointment. The lens delivers a sharp and clear view allowing me to observe even the tiniest details with utmost clarity. As I work on intricate watch components, I can focus on every minute element. The sharp and clear image quality of the magnifier has no blurring around the edges and enhances my precision and focus while working on intricate watch components.

The magnifier’s 20mm diameter lens provides an expansive field of vision which helps with identifying subtle imperfections and nuances in the watch’s mechanism. I’ve found that it has enhanced my ability to achieve remarkable accuracy and finesse in my work.

Whether I’m inspecting delicate gears, intricate springs or tiny engravings, the Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier consistently delivers unparalleled image quality. Without fail, precision and focus are effortlessly achieved every time. For watchmakers who demand nothing short of excellence in their craftsmanship, this magnifier is an absolute game changer.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier Final Thoughts

I wholeheartedly recommend the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier to fellow watchmakers who wear glasses. This Beco Technic magnifier boasts a solid and sturdy build without unnecessary complexity, perfectly serving its core purpose.

Whether you are an experienced watchmaker or just starting out, the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier is an invaluable tool that enhances accuracy, comfort and efficiency in your watchmaking endeavors. There is no doubt that you can elevate the art of watchmaking with this exceptional tool.

If you are considering purchasing the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier and have any questions, feel free to reach out. As a satisfied user of this remarkable product, I am always eager to help. If you are already using the Beco Technic Spectacle Magnifier, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with it.

Beco Technic Spectacles Magnifier FAQ

A spectacle magnifier is a tool that attaches to your glasses and provides magnification for watchmaking or other precision tasks.  Unlike a magnifying glass it allows you to work hands-free and see small details clearly.

Beco Technic only works on an ‘On Request’ basis for pricing, but if you reach out via their website they should respond fairly quickly with a price.

To use a spectacle magnifier, you simply clip it onto your glasses and adjust the height and angle of the lens. You can choose from different magnifications and orientations depending on your needs. You can also move the lens up or down with a spring mechanism.

It may not fit well on your glasses: A spectacle magnifier may not be compatible with all types of glasses, especially if they have thick frames or lenses. It may also add extra weight or bulkiness to your glasses, making them uncomfortable or unstable. It may require frequent adjustments: A spectacle magnifier may need to be adjusted often to suit different tasks or distances. This can be inconvenient or distracting, especially if you have to touch the lens or the holder frequently. It may interfere with your peripheral vision: A spectacle magnifier may block some of your peripheral vision, making it harder to see other objects or people around you.


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