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We started WatchmakingTools to share all our learnings with others who find themselves in the wormhole of watchmaking and make their path a little easier.

Maz Watchmaking

My name is Maz and I am the co-founder of WatchmakingTools, a global platform helping the watchmakers of the world navigate the intricacies of this delicate artform. Over the last five years, I have delved deep into the historic and creative sides of watchmaking learning from an abundance of important mistakes along the way.

Through research, experience and my own personal trial and error, I have explored the watchmaking world with a fine-toothed comb. Now, I am sharing everything I own and have created WatchmakingTools, an online toolbox of tips, recommendations and knowledge to help you get started on or progress within your watchmaking journey.

My Journey to WatchmakingTools

From an early age, I was fascinated with horology and over the years developed quite the collection of 1970’s vintage Seiko chronographs and Swatch watches. I was incredibly proud of this collection and always longed to take my intrigue of horology further.

Whilst deeply fascinated by this world, I had limited time to explore it until 2019. During the summer of 2019, I was struck down by illness and suddenly had more time at my disposal whilst at home recovering. This moment of misfortune in my life led me down the path of an incredible watchmaking journey.

Watchmaking at Epping Forest Horology Centre

With my sudden free time to explore the realms of horology and watchmaking, I undertook extensive research and discovered just how niche watchmaking is as a passion. Watchmaking classes were few and far between, particularly limited in the UK but I finally found a class in Essex.

Whilst the Epping Forest Horology Centre was located approximately 90 minutes from my home, I was deeply intrigued by watchmaking and would pursue it at any cost. Thankfully, the beginner classes at Epping Forest Horology Centre were reasonably priced and I enrolled onto my first watchmaking class.

Maz Watchmaking

The class I signed up for was the one day taster session, Introduction to Beginners Watch Serving Course, and I spent a very hot Sunday indoors learning how to assemble and disassemble a working pocket watch. By the end of the day, I was hooked and it was confirmed that this was definitely something I wanted to continue. I had most certainly been bitten by the watchmaking bug.

By the following week, I had enrolled onto the extensive one year beginners course at Epping Forest Horology Centre. The one year beginners course ran during term time for 40 weeks of classes and I began making the three hour round trip every week.

I quickly developed a great rapport with both my teachers and fellow students whilst gaining incredible knowledge and experience in watchmaking. This entire experience made the long journey every week worth it.

Then we were sadly hit by the pandemic and classes shut down with no insight on when we would be back to business. As lockdown continued, physical classes were taken online and whilst this was initially a challenge, it worked. Zoom came to the rescue and classes continued albeit in a different form.

However, my passion for watchmaking reigned strong and I was not deterred by this sudden change of class format. Instead, I surpassed all my expectations for what I would get from the course and my watchmaking skills excelled from strength to strength.

Following the one year beginners course at Epping Forest Horology Centre, I was amazed by everything I had learnt about watchmaking in that first year. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue the journey and I signed up for the second year course to progress my watchmaking further. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Beginnings of the WatchmakingTools Website

Throughout my time at Epping Forest Horology Centre, one thing I loved just as much as getting into the nitty gritty of a delicate watch face was to assist others with developing their skills. After several years of personal experience developing my own techniques, establishing a toolbox that actually works and encountering my own challenges in watchmaking, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to share what I knew with others.

Whilst it began as helping others on my course, it was evident that lockdown had made so many things go online and thrive. A thought sparked that my skills and knowledge could be transferred to an online platform where fellow watchmakers could seek out information and find the answers they have been searching for.

Throughout my own watchmaking journey and research, I found myself spending hours endlessly searching for an answer online that just did not exist. As watchmaking is not a mainstream practice, online resources were particularly limited which led to a lot of frustration in the early days of my own watchmaking. It seemed that watchmaking resources were as time-old as the tradition itself, limited to books and not as accessible as most information is in the 21st century. Whilst wading through information with no success in finding what I needed, I longed for an online community where I could easily find the answers, tips and recommendations.

I became extremely passionate about creating this community myself and developed this website to share tips, tricks and knowledge on watchmaking with you, my fellow watchmakers. However, throughout this process of building, it has also helped my own watchmaking journey.

Throughout my time at Epping Forest Horology Centre, things moved at a fast pace. Sometimes it was difficult to fully absorb and process the information received but putting it here has consolidated my knowledge and firmly cemented it. Whilst trying to help others and share my passion, WatchmakingTools has also become my personal education tool. A place where I can decipher my thoughts about the world of watchmaking and fully understand the intricacies of this art form. I can look back at any time to reaffirm knowledge and help reflect on my own personal watchmaking journey so far.

Building this website has become a secondary passion project, one that I am as deeply invested in as watchmaking itself. I hope that WatchmakingTools helps you in your watchmaking journey as much as it has helped me on mine.

How WatchmakingTools Can Help You

For those looking for tips and resources to help them master the craft of watchmaking, this is the perfect destination. Here you can find everything you need to take your skills to the next level. If you’re looking for information on watchmaking, then WatchmakingTools is the perfect resource to rely on.

Offering experienced advice and guidance from an individual with first-hand knowledge of the watchmaking process, WatchmakingTools is a goldmine for anyone interested in horology.

At WatchmakingTools, you will discover a comprehensive collection of tips, posts and reviews concerning watchmaking. WatchmakingTools brings traditional watchmaking into the digital age with an extensive library of guides and resources all available online at the touch of a button. An outstanding resource for anyone interested in learning or developing the craft, WatchmakingTools is your one-stop-shop for the answers you need in the world of watchmaking.

Looking for reliable answers to your watchmaking questions? Look no further than WatchmakingTools! We have all the information you need without having to scour the internet.

What You Can Find at WatchmakingTools

Consider WatchmakingTools your pocket guide, your toolkit and your ultimate education centre all rolled into one. A must-have platform for any budding watchmaker, WatchmakingTools can enhance your skills and knowledge avoiding the mistakes that many make along the way. With access to advice and tips from a passionate watchmaker who has gone through the same journey, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Start your journey into the fascinating world of watchmaking with us and take full advantage of our comprehensive educational resources. Dive into the depths of horology and gain all the knowledge you need to become a master watchmaker. With our expert guidance, you can make sure that you are well-equipped with all the skills and techniques necessary to become an expert in this field.

Where to Begin

If you’re looking to discover all the intricate details of watchmaking and explore WatchmakingTools’s extensive selection of resources, then you should start with our highly informative Watchmaking Resources section. Here, you’ll find all the important and relevant information regarding a particular watch movement or other watchmaking related topics.

For honest and insightful reviews to start, develop and expand your watchmaking toolkit, check out our Watchmaking Tools section. Get in-depth and honest reviews of the top watchmaking tools currently available on the market, with helpful tips and tricks on where to save or splurge. The reviews will provide a detailed comparison of various features such as cost, durability, ease of use, and more to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right tool for your needs.

There’s also our How To Guides section outlining how you can repurpose everyday household products into cost-effective tools for watchmaking.

Wherever you start at WatchmakingTools, you are just dipping your toes into a world of knowledge waiting to burst into your world. Make WatchmakingTools your go-to source for discovering the fascinating world of watchmaking and join us on this incredible journey!

We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!

The WatchmakingTools Team