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What began as a small intrigue in horology led to the birth of the WatchmakingTools website, a global platform helping you navigate the labyrinth of mechanical watch servicing and repair. WatchmakingTools is your ultimate watchmaking resources center, an online toolbox with all the tips, tricks, and education you need to learn watchmaking.

Co-founded by Watch Enthusiast Maz

WatchmakingTools is ever-evolving with a collection of watchmaker resources, guides, and blog posts that are constantly expanding. Always interested in mechanical movements, Maz started with a small collection of Swatch watches and vintage Seiko chronographs before creating WatchmakingTools.

In 2019, he decided to take his passion to the next level, taking the plunge to sign up for an extensive 40-week beginners watchmaking course. Studying the year-long Introduction to Mechanical Watchmaking course at Epping Forest Horology Centre was quite the journey.

During the course, in-person classes transformed into online during lockdown and whilst this was an initial challenge, the events of 2020 did not deter Maz who then signed up for the following year’s course. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the early years of his watchmaking journey, Maz encountered difficulty finding resources online within this niche area. As a topic that is not mainstream, information on watchmaking is difficult to wade through and Maz found himself spending endless hours searching for answers to his questions and queries.

This frustration sparked the idea for WatchmakingTools. Not only was WatchmakingTools built to share Maz’s passion for watchmaking, but it was also created to help you find the essential information that you need on your watchmaking journey.

If you are in search of tips and the tools you’ll need to help you improve your watchmaking skills, you have come to the right place. WatchmakingTools is an outstanding resource in the world of horology with advice and guidance from someone who has been in your exact position in the watchmaking process.

Here at WatchmakingTools, you will find an extensive selection of tips, posts, and reviews on all things watchmaking. WatchmakingTools brings this time-old tradition into the digital age with an impressive collection of guides and resources available online and all in one place. No more scouring the internet to pinpoint your issue, your answers lie here at WatchmakingTools.

Maz Watchmaking
Maz Watchmaking - Winding a Mainspring

What Can I Find on the WatchmakingTools Website?

WatchmakingTools is your ultimate resource in the history of watchmaking and the watch industry. Here you will find advice and guidance from a passionate watchmaker who is on the exact same journey as you are. Enter the world of horological craftsmanship and embark on your watchmaking adventure with all the educational insight you need as a beginner.

Discover honest and detailed reviews on the essential watchmaking tools that you can buy to enhance and assist your watchmaking as well as handy tips on household products that can be repurposed into affordable watchmaking tools. Explore the Watchmaking Resources section to find key information about specific watch movements. For everything watchmaking, find it here at WatchmakingTools.

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The World of Watchmaking

If this is your first step into watches in general, welcome. The watchmaking community is one of incredible skill, extensive knowledge, and extraordinary attention to detail so rest assured that you are in safe hands.

If you have always been intrigued by horology and are growing your pocket watch or wristwatch collection, watchmaking is an excellent way to expand and grow your passion.

Watchmaking is an art form, the ultimate hobby for someone with a fascination with horology. It requires time, commitment, and patience, a passion that should be pursued as a mild obsession.

For those with true passion and dedication for the art, watchmaking, like any other art form, is one that can be mastered and professional watchmaking could well be in your future.

Watchmaking is an art form, the ultimate hobby for someone with a fascination for horology.

Watchmaking has a rich history and heritage with watches dating back to early 16th century Europe. The original Swiss watch was a mechanical timepiece powered by winding a mainspring and time was kept with a rotating balance spring wheel.

It was not until the 1960’s that the quartz watch was invented and the 1980’s saw the upheaval of the matchmaking industry known as the ‘quartz crisis’. Now, in the 21st century, the vast majority of watches on the market are powered by electricity.

The evolution of watchmaking materials over the years has seen a revolution in the materials used for crafting timepieces. From traditional brass and steel to advanced ceramics and carbon composites, the industry has embraced new technologies to enhance durability and aesthetic appeal. These materials not only offer improved resistance to wear and tear but also allow for creative design possibilities. Aspiring watchmakers can explore our guides on material properties and their impact on watchmaking techniques, ensuring their creations stand the test of time.

In the modern world, we have access to an impressive selection of fine watches like Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe that can simply be bought off the shelf and even, next day delivered. However, building and repairing your own watch is a truly rewarding process, one of technological intelligence and fine craftsmanship.

Throughout history, horologists were some of the finest craftsmen, and whilst watches are now typically factory manufactured, traditional watchmaking is an excellent way to keep the tradition alive.

Through your journey, you will gain an educated respect for the watchmaking process and the craftsmen of a bygone era. Technological advancements in the world of watchmaking continue to be made and it is a truly fascinating journey to be on.

Expand your passion with the help of our excellent resources, incredible guides, and honest reviews to assist you on your watchmaking journey.

Watchmaking is one of the most unique hobbies, great for intellectual stimulation and technological understanding. It can, however, also be one of complexity and intricacy, a hobby where you will encounter challenges and have to explore how to overcome the issue.

Every individual watchmaking journey will be different but there is no doubt that at many corners, you will encounter hurdles and obstacles.

It is essential that you have great resources to assist you on your watchmaking journey and if you are here at WatchmakingTools, you are already in the right place. From a crucial list of terminology to an up-to-date list of lift angles, and movement hand sizes to our own battery guide, here you can find the basics of how watches work to allow you to start working on your first watch.

Once you have dipped your toe into the wonderful world of timekeeping, expand your passion with the help of our excellent resources, incredible guides, and honest reviews to assist you on your watchmaking journey.